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Policy-Based Management is a new feature in SQL Server 2008 that allows you to define and implement policies across your SQL Server infrastructure. Policy-Based Management works in a manner similar to Active Directory’s Group Policies, a feature of Microsoft Windows NT-based operating systems. Group Policy offers centralized management and configuration of systems, applications, and users via administrator- or system-controlled policies, which can then be applied at various levels of the managed directory structure.

Policy-Based Management adheres to those same principles as Group Policy, in that you can apply a policy against a target (such as a database, table, or stored procedure) and evaluate whether the target complies with your policy. If your target does not adhere to your policy, you can either enforce compliance with that policy or trigger an alert to let an administrator know about the policy violation. You can set up your policy to actively deny any nonconforming actions, or choose to simply log such actions, so that an administrator can address them later.

Policy-Based Management is a system for managing one or more instances of SQL Server 2008. Through the creation, management, and deployment of policies, you are able to apply your own custom-defined standards across an entire SQL Server enterprise.


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